What To See

Our Display Room contains a comprehensive collection of artefacts, found at Southburn and in the surrounding area, from the earliest neolithic (stone age) flint tools to mid twentieth century finds. These show how man’s skills and lifestyle have evolved through the different time periods. Of particular interest are the ancient spear found by local schoolchildren, the iron age pot from Arram, a large collection of Medieval coins and even Viking gold! Many brooches and fastenings show the fascinating way our ancestors dressed.

For the 2015 season we launched an exciting new exhibition “Iron Age East Yorkshire: Swords, Spears and Skeletons” featuring a reconstruction of the Kirkburn warrior grave excavation and exploring the burial rites and craftsmanship of the Parisi tribe. The warrior grave included the finest sword of it’s kind ever discovered in Europe and was part of an extensive Iron Age cemetery unique to the area.

The Kirkburn Warrior Burial

New For 2015

In winter 2011/2 SAM had a large number of artefacts conserved by York Archaeological Trust, see the results on our Conservation page.

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