THANK YOU !  To everybody who has helped with SAM’s 2015 Exhibition

  • The British Museum for the use of their copyright images and particularly all the help from Curator of Iron Age Julia Farley
  • David J. Illingworth for his painting of the Kirkburn Sword and permission to use his other images.
  • Imerys Minerals Ltd. Beverley, for donating chalk for the reconstructed grave.
  • Yvonne Inall, Hull University, for use of her spear posters and information.
  • Dr. Peter Halkon, Hull University for the use of his posters and information from his book ‘The Parisi’.
  • Silkeborg Museum, Denmark, for the use of their copyright image of the Tollund man.
  • James White, Butcher, Hutton Cranswick, for supplying the pig joints used as the reconstructed grave offerings.
  • SAM’s visitors whose kind donations funded the project.
  • SAM’s volunteers whose hard work and expertise brought the display to life.


SAM is grateful to the following organisations for their contributions to the ongoing success of the museum:

  • British Museum for the loan of the replica chariot and permission to use their copyright digital images.
  • BBC Active for providing the DVD of the Meet the Ancestors programme and permission to use it for educational purposes.
  • Castell Henllys for providing copyright digital images and allowing SAM to use them in our displays
  • DEFRA Rural Enterprise Scheme for funding purchase of display cabinets
  • Driffield Lions for funding support.
  • East Riding Archaeological Society for funding SAM’s leaflet production.
  • East Riding of Yorkshire County Council for funding purchase of spotlights, laminator and associated consumables,
  • Grassroots scheme for funding the purchase of projecting equipment etc.
  • J&R Howard Charitable Trust for contributing to the funding of the Wetwang chariot display.
  • JS & EC Rymer Charitable Trust for funding support.
  • JSR Farming Group for use and help with maintenance of the museum premises, the provision of a storage container and helping in so many ways.
  • LEADER Coast, Wolds, Wetlands & Waterways for funding conservation and display refurbishment 2011/12.
  • Middleton Fund for contributing to the funding of the chariot display.
  • National Lottery (Awards for All) for funding support
  • Sir James Reckitt Charity for contributing to the funding of the chariot display.
  • Yorkshire Forward for funding the purchase of IT equipment

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