Waterloo and Some Yorkshire Connections

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Waterloo and Some Yorkshire Connections

Our colleagues at the Friends of Malton Museum have an interesting lecture coming up on Wednesday 16th March 2016

“Waterloo and Some Yorkshire Connections” to be given by Paul Brunyee

From Whitby to Hull and from Easingwold to Malton there were Yorkshire men who fought at Waterloo 200 years ago. They were gunners, infantrymen and cavalrymen. Some on returning home died in Dickensian poverty, whilst others continued in their army careers and prospered with one or two reaching high rank and one of them becoming a close confidante of the Duke.

Some are remembered through letters and diaries, whilst others are remembered in paintings. The rank and file are largely remembered through the census and newspaper obituaries – for one thing marked them out above other men, as the poem has it, ‘What does it matter when you have fought at Waterloo!

Paul, an expert on the Waterloo campaign will illustrate his talk with a PowerPoint presentation, period weapons and reference to letters written by some of these soldiers.

Venue: The Library, East Wing, Malton School, MIddlecave Road, Malton at 7.30 p.m.

Friends of the Museum – free of charge.   Visitors £3.00

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