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Excavation sheds new light on Skipsea Castle

An earthwork at Skipsea has been revealed as being 1,500 years older than previously thought and details can be found in the Guardian article here.

One puzzle for people may be why there is this huge Iron Age burial when we keep telling people about the relatively small ‘square barrows’ of the Iron Age Parisi tribe in East Yorkshire.  The Guardian article mentions similar large burials around the Heuneburg Fort in Germany which was built by people of the early Iron Age Hallstatt culture which lasted roughly from 800 to 500 BC. The Parisi with their smaller burials  represent a later Iron Age culture called La Tene which followed on from the Hallstatt.

Some sources have suggested that the large embankments around the Castle are pre-historic in origin and this new discovery may support that view.  It may well shed new light on the early Iron Age in East Yorkshire and the ancient importance of Skipsea.

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SAM’s new kitchen!

Work to create SAM’s new premises at Green Lane had a boost with funding from the Lissett Community Wind Farm Fund which is enabling  SAM to completely refurbish the kitchen on site.

SAM volunteers have been working hard on the kitchen which will be an important new facility for the museum.

Pictures to follow soon!

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SAM talks to Steve Redgrave

Ok, not Sir Steve Redgrave of Olympics fame but this coming Saturday (28th May 2016) our Chairman, Bill Coultard, will be speaking to BBC Radio Humberside’s Steve Redgrave on BBC Radio Humberside between 8:45am and 8:50am to preview the Open Day taking place later the same day.

The Open Day will be the last of 2016 as we close in June to re-open in 2017 at our new Green Lane site so this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Sir Steve was no stranger to gaining gold in his boat and we’re hoping that the Vikings who are joining us on Saturday are not coming to reclaim theirs from the Museum!


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Hunmanby History Group Visit

Today we hosted a visit of the Hunmanby History Group to the Museum and although the weather was cold, we hope the welcome wasn’t.

Everybody who came along seemed to leave with something, be it weaving, a clay pot or in some cases a fragment of chain mail.  Thanks to all those who attended; it is great on days like these where visitors and volunteers can share their knowledge and there were a good deal of interesting discussions and debates taking place.


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SAM broadcasts to the nation!

Well maybe not quite the nation.

Please listen if you can to Radio Humberside at 7:45am on Saturday 19th March as our Chairman, Bill Coultard, will preview the Open Day taking place later the same day.

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BBC’s ‘Digging For Britain’ in our area…

BBC 4’s ‘Digging for Britain’ programme (24th March 9.00pm) will feature the exciting Iron Age excavation at Pocklington.  It is clear that there are many similarities between what has been found at Pocklington and what was found at the Kirkburn excavations in the 1980’s as featured in SAM’s centrepiece ‘Swords, Spears and Skeletons exhibition.  At both places an Iron Age ‘Arras’ culture warrior buried with his sword and a body has been found that had been speared after death along with many more graves.
At Southburn Archaeological Museum (SAM) you see our reconstruction of the Kirkburn grave and our display about how the local Parisi tribe lived and died over 2,000 years ago in what is now East Yorkshire.   SAM has an open day from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 19th March where you can see this and many more artefacts and try our historical ‘hands on’ activities.
If you can’t come on Saturday, you can make an appointment to visit by calling 01377 271180 or emailing
An article from the Pocklington Post can be read here or the BBC website here.

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New Location Update

The new modular building for Green Lane, which we plan to use as our new display room, has now been assembled and is being finished off by the contractors.  Next week they are due to be turning their attention to refurbishing the exterior of the former office building which will contain the ‘hands on’ activities as well as kitchen and toilet facilities for the new museum.  The next step will be construction of a ramp giving disabled access to both buildings.

We cannot emphasise enough our appreciation and gratitude for JSR’s help in funding all of these activities to enable SAM to continue and offer an even better experience to our visitors in future.

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Ready to go for 2016!

The museum underwent its annual ‘deep clean’ yesterday.

In preparation for the new season, volunteers gave the museum a thorough cleaning and check up in time for our first Open Day.  Cabinets were cleaned and polished, floors washed and vacuumed, exhibits and display boards checked, looms and querns all primed and we’re all ready for our first visitors.

Many thanks to everyone who turned out to help.  Many hands make light work and our preparations were completed in double quick time.

In preparation for our move to new premises, the season is truncated this year but our two Open Days are:

19th March 10am – 4pm

28th May 10am – 4pm

We look forward to welcoming visitors and friends, old and new.

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From the Star Carr Team

The Star Carr team have recently announced the following:

“I am delighted to inform you that artefacts from Star Carr are now being exhibited at the Rotunda Museum, Scarborough.

I would also like to inform you that the Star Carr project now has a a twitter account: @archaeostarcarr and a Facebook page  If you are a Facebook user please like it and share it – we will be uploading news, images and information through the year

We have now finished all our excavations at both Star Carr and Flixton Island and are now writing up our work in a series of publications and monographs. We will keep you informed of our progress!”

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Sad news

It is with great sadness that we have heard of the passing of Tom Wyles, a wonderful member of the Battle of Stamford Bridge Society.  Southburn Archaeological Museum has been privileged to have shared events with the BoSBS and with Tom and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Chris Rock has posted his tribute on the BoSBS website

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